When past leads to future

It all started, when Gerhard Massenbauer, founder and CEO of HedgeGo, discovered his passion for micro- and macroeconomic matters in the late 90ies. Soon after, he began to publish his first “Massenbauer Brief”, a systematic approach to cover the complexity of the economic world. After years of diving deep, Gerhard found out, that over 90% of his insights and predictions appeared to be proven by real developments.

Even what most analysts considered as non-linear events, like the recent financial crisis and their implications, were predicted astonishingly accurate. As his reports became widely known and served as precise foundation for decisions in Executive levels, an idea was thought up that followed up consequently.


First steps

Gathering information to predict the future began to be increasingly complex, leading Gerhard to create a system and made him watch outcomes of related “influencers”. Such influencers, main information sources with multiple subordinated categories, proved to be very helpful to communicate the “Why” behind the “What”.

However, the vast amount of information was still managed and transformed into easy understandable action triggers. First large corporations started to engage Gerhard as consultant for multi-currency exposure. Success was confirmed, when over 90% of predictions turned out to be correct, beating similar reports for miles.

Being established as one of a handful currency trend experts, Gerhard was ready for the next huge leap forward.

From expertise to digital product

2018 was a turning point in Gerhard Massenbauer’s life, when his requested public appearances multiplied to an unbearable extend. He understood that, in order to grow his base considerably, a change form “person” to “product” must be considered.

Further clearifying his way to gain in-depth information, a system of 9 main “influencers”, each connected with around 100 sub-categories, was established. Still, gathering information and understanding relations was time consuming and a solution for the next step must be found.


The time is right

Finally, an idea materialized that was followed up consequently. Many hours with experts of AI (Artificial intelligence) made clear, that Gerhard’s system would be ideally empowered by automated information gathering combined with an AI engine.

Gerhard’s growing team of analysts would be more than happy to get basic insights to be refined by human analysis experience. Turning into consideration, that all analysis indicates an increasing volatility, HedgeGo comes at the right time to help treasurers all around the world.

Realizing the power of that new way of service, first clients were approached with the new set up. Great feedback motivated Gerhard to follow up and establish the new brand HedgeGo. You can find the pricing here.



HedgeGo and its unfair advantage of 22-year proven track record is just the start of a much bigger vision. Gaining experience of challenges of modern treasury, Gerhard came up with a one-stop-shop idea, allowing responsible managers to cover the whole process of hedging.

Creating alerts and easy executable action guidance done by HedgeGo is just one, albeit the most important, activity of successful multi-currency handling. But there is much more to cover to increase convenience.

Turning information into execution and communicating success to stake- and shareholders needs more and HedgeGo already works on new services and co-operations. Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks and months.