Your gain: Balance
your cash flow at risk
and value at risk

FX intelligence runs an automated analysis environment to deliver relevant decision data to FX treasuries. Our Goal: to improve business resilience and competitiveness.
Reinforced learning algorithms provide a condensed view of relevant developments, reduces the effort required for decisions and enables an improved balance between cash flow at risk and value at risk.

How decision data
are used best

Centralize treasury

Managing holdings and centralized treasuries can be a demanding strategic job. Our Event Alarms are the first step to control FX exposures and streamline decentralized activities.

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Fund corporates

Highly volatile business environments as seen these times need proper funding. If FX gets involved our Event Alarms are one important step to support your funding strategy.

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Manage risk

Automizing risk evaluations, creating “one voice” and succeeding in today’s times as “mother of tail events” need a clear address. FX intelligence and Event Alarms are here for your support.

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Refine forecasts

Use Event Alarms to run your profitability forecasts on the most agile and reliable system on the market and follow international corporates’ best practice for forecasting FX developments and its impacts.

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Create transparency

 Establish company-wide transparency for your FX strategy decisions based on HedgeGo’s Event Alarm system. Include all decision makers to receive the same transparent data at the same time as you.

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Run simulations

Before starting with FX Intelligence in practice, HedgeGo enables corporates to run simulations for their exposures. This useful feature shows all relevant KPIs for a further, fact-based FX decision process.

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our onboarding manual

From Event Alarms to decision data. Learn how our service runs in practice and how you can use it to your advantage. The most difficult decisions come when it comes to balancing cash flow-at- risk (cost of hedging) and value-at-risk to protect the balance sheet. FX decision data can help speed up processes, save time and better balance costs against risks as they arise.

Use case:
 EUR | BRL Payables

A corporation is seated in the EU and buys goods in BRL. Each move in the exchange rate has direct impact to the financial result. Though, the corporation wants to protect itself against unfavourable exchange rates and thinks of hedging action. Based on our 22 year track record we delivered a superior result compared to other alternatives.

Use case:
EUR | USD Receivables

A corporation is seated in the EU and exports machines to the USA, managing revenues in USD. The past has shown, that their financial result was severely hit in certain years. As a result, the corporation wants to protect itself against unfavourable exchange rates and thinks of hedging action. See, how the HedgeGo Safety Margin has developed for them in past years.


Use case:
FX overlays for investment funds

Use our Event Alarms to take advantage of positive exchange rate developments. The additional returns generated can be used for re-investments to achieve a measurable increase in value. Such a systematic strategy shows considerable success over a period of 5 years and sustainably improves your competitiveness over longer periods of time.

You need help to translate decision data into your processes?

We cooperate with well-known global consulting firms to translate our FX intelligence data into your proprietary processes

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