Our intelligent platform suggests well-timed, easy executable hedging orders for upcoming FX events. Benefit from 22 years of successful expertise – to build safety margins for your financial result in challenging foreign currency exposures.

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What facts and treasurer say
about us

Find here a selection of FX events that were correctly predicted by HedgeGo’s team of analysts.

Managing multi-currency revenues is quite a challenge and needs competence and reliability.

Hedge Go and its team has delivered excellent forecasts over many years now.

Petra Reichenbach

Past: Head of Treasury

HedgeGo is the perfect tool to reduce risk in FX exposures.

Out of personal experience I highly recommend treasurers to use this source of profound global expertise.

Nick Kraguljac

CEO, iTac

My client is a medium-sized company with an annual turnover of 250m €.

Based on the analysis of Gerhard Massenbauer and his team, a loss of 1m € could be avoided in 2014.

Erich Riedlsperger

Kapruner Wirtschaftstreuhand

Our mix of AI and human analysis power reduces risk
and increases profit for you

You are the responsible
treasury for…


  …a company
with multiple currency revenues

You manage multiple currency streams and would like to reduce risk that could hit your balance sheet


 …a holding,
consolidating multiple currency equity

You are in charge of equity in multiple currencies and like to get higher control over your translation risk


 …a portfolio management, that manages assets in multiple currencies

You understand the challenges of buying and selling in multiple currencies and like to secure your performance

We believe that treasuries with FX exposures need a reliable basis for their decisions.

That’s why we dig deeper,
assess more data,
and understand earlier 
why events happen in the FX market.

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Volatility of markets and FX exposures will increase in the coming years. Get prepared with our event alarming system.


We show you which kind of action will reduce the negative impact of markets and FX exposures on your profitability.


Our 22-year documented track record solely focuses on the developments in the FX world and produces a surplus of 7% yearly. See here for more.


The decisions of our automated FX intelligence are based on comprehensible and clearly structured data.


We communicate our FX alerts as quickly as possible and also provide easy-to-understand analysis files for explanation.


Large industrial companies with international commitments trust our clear and reliable processes.

Ready, when you are

Use our lead in information for your benefit

We have created a purely data-driven prediction system for 30 currency pairs that proved successful 90 times out of 100. It enables us to create timely executable action guidelines to get into hedging or hold off from it.

Having a most reliable system like ours helps you to improve your financial result sustainably. Follow in the footsteps of major companies who already enjoy impressive results with HedgeGo.

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  Timely alarms for upcoming
or current FX events


  Clear, executable guidance
for hedging action


  Underlying analysis about
reasons for events

Much information, one truth


Our strictly fact-based approach has been known for quite a time. AI and machine learning even sees what we may not have realised yet.

Currently we are shaping our system into a full-fledged SaaS (Desktop, Mobile), providing substantial value for companies with multi-currency exposures. Read more about our revolutionary concept of HedgeGo Safety Margin.

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 See how our event alarming system would have impacted your exposures in the past

  Get a risk valuation
of how your exposures could develop in the future

HedgeGo in numbers

30 currency pairs ready
for you

The analysis of currency developments is a highly specialised activity. HedgeGo provides top notch results for 30 major currency pairs.

22 years of documented track record

It all started in 1999 and has become a success story since then. Such a documented positive track record can’t be copied easily.

In average 7% higher profitability p.a.*

Major international companies count on our expertise, as the usage of HedgeGo results in a 7% better performance per year. Read more about here.

*Numbers are stated from past periods and are no guaranteed predictions

AI engine plus human monitoring

We have started to transform our 22 years of profound expertise into an AI-powered engine, successfully monitored by humans.