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How to use our pricing calculator

1. Enter your most exposed currency pairs (up to 3 pairs are possible) by pressing the drop down chevron

2. Enter the exposed FX volume for each currency pair up to 1bn Euro

3. Hit the button “Calculate price”

4. Look at the result sheet to see the annual investment (subscription p.a.) necessary to use HedgeGo

5. See how many times (e.g. 6x) your investment would have been returned as Safety Margin (additional return). The basis for the performance calculation of the Safety Margin is the difference between an 80% hedging approach and our Safety Margin performance.

Example: If your chosen currency pair shows 15X as result, your HedgeGo subscription fee was re-financed 15-fold p.a. by your additional financial surplus (Safety Margin).

Currency Pair EUR
Total exposed volume EUR ,-
Currency Pair EUR
Total exposed volume EUR ,-
Currency pair EUR
Total exposed volume EUR ,-
Price p.m. EUR 0.- Please compare your subscription fee with the financial advantage p.a. in average over the last 3 years + current year (compared to 80%-hedged exposures)
EUR | --- --
EUR | --- --
EUR | --- --
The above examples are based on past performances.

(last update: today 08:00 CET).

You’ve found the best pricing for your hedging strategy

and pricing tables

HedgeGo delivers alert signals and recommended action plans to its clients. Supporting communication channels like Webinars and published market analysis additionally explain the “Why” behind the “What” to responsible FX managers. For special needs, HedgeGo recommends to contact licensed companies that offer tailor-made financial instruments, meeting all your challenges when dealing with FX exposures.

Our pricing aligns with the challenges faced by our clients and is calculated on the amount of currency pairs hedged plus the volume dealt in exposures.

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